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Florida: Day zero.

At twenty-two hundred I leave metro Atlanta in my rented pickup, chasing a blood red crescent moon towards my battered homeland. I stop in Columbus, Georgia, at a waffle house, for what I assume might be the last hot meal for a while. The waitress is friendly, curious about my pilot uniform. Sheepishly I explain […]

State of the Fox

The tidal forces of time and opportunity are fickle masters, capable of creating opportunity from nothing, and rendering nothing from great possibility. Ten years ago this week, I was with the love of my life in the mountains surrounding the Russian River. We were together, and all the world was ours. 3,648 days ago. 3,607 […]

Will you be…?

“Will you be around next month?” “Will you be at a convention in December?” “Do you have any plans the first week of January?” I get these questions a lot, and the answer, to all of them, is always “I have no idea.” It’s not simply being non-committal—I actually have no way to answer. The […]

After the tempest

Whew! Where to begin? Things have been quite hectic for all of 2016. I started the year in Denver, finishing up training on my new airplane: … the lovely Embraer E175. Then I was assigned to Chicago for six months, and the commute back and forth rarely ever left me in any place I could […]


The snow is falling just above my head these days, but melting before it reaches me. There’s a storm forecast to blow in over the next day or so, and that should make things interesting Well, with the summer having wound down and fall draining away, I finally have time to breathe, and move into […]

Well, here I am.

I am in Juneau, and I have no trips back planned at this point. I have furniture on order and en-route, with which I can complete my room’s setup. I’ve been nosing around my new job and hanging out a bit with my awesome new boss, and I’ve had the chance to ride around to […]

Moving day!

It’s moving day! I feel like Mrs. Brisby… I have all my stuff packed—I hope—and ready to load into the truck. I’m going to depart after the evening rush, or perhaps take a nap and depart around midnight. Alaska Marine Highway System ferry “Matanuska”, here I come. ^.^ In other news, “Theta” is now available […]

A new day, a new Fox

Welcome, friend, to my little corner of time and space. Here I may discuss many topics, from writing to flying, from coffee to philosophy and the various artifices of self… I intend to keep this part journal and part commentary…but mostly it will serve as a report on the progress of my writings and my […]