Sasha Fox  is an airline pilot by trade.
Flying is her life, but storytelling is her passion.

Currently living in the SF bay area, she’s most likely to be encountered in the left seat of the amazing Embraer 175 . . . or curled up with a warm cup of coffee, a laptop, and her two beloved mates, writing away the hours in the best company an author could hope to find.

 is her first published work, a window into a little pocket of space where humanity has taken a strange step for survival.

Sasha’s writing—

Theta saga


A young dancer’s identity is up for sale to the highest bidder . . . but none know the secrets and dreams locked inside his head. Adrift in a sea of faces and unsure of who or what he is supposed to be, he’s on a collision course with destiny, and his time is running out.


On the industrial planet Fonaci,
life is the death of hope; everything has been sacrificed for the factory cities, and for the local people death and starvation is the only way of life. But a powerful, shadowy faction has a plan to set them free—one way or another. At the tip of their spear is a ragged array of unlikely heroes: a mercenary hacker from a socialist backwater, running from the crimes of his past, a red fox and a tawny coyote, in love and hoping only to survive, a disgraced special forces operative, trying to find redemption, and company of mercenaries angling for retirement. But behind the scenes, the strings are being pulled by people with entirely different agendas. One race faces a new life, another its own extinction. One planet fights for its freedom, and two white foxes fight for their lives, while dark figures move against each other in the blackness of space.

Coming 8/14/2019!


Dreams of Refugium
Geren’s future is bright—

A trained chemical engineer,
paying his dues on a planet far from home, he’s adapted to a simple, professional lifestyle. Living and working inside a great factory-city, every need is met—food, socialization, entertainment and lodging . . .

In a civilized world, it’s easy to forget just how fragile life can be. It’s easy to forget the demons lurking in the shadows, and the nightmare that awaits just outside the walls.

Available on Amazon in print or as an e-book.

One fox’s tale—a short story, in serial format.

A destitute red fox is dying from plague in a society that barely merits the name. In a wasteland of death, poverty and destruction, he wants to tell his story before his end, desperate to simply leave some sort of mark on the world that will prove he existed.

But change is on the wind . . . and a unique opportunity. Perhaps, with just a bit of leverage and a modicum of will, he can do much more than that . . .

Set in the same universe as Theta and Dreams of Refugium.

The Beginning! (A short story)

Mister Callais is a timekeeper, in charge of making micro-adjustments to the temporal stations of an immense colony ship, lumbering its way from a dying Earth  . . . his job is simple, but he does it with flair, looking forward to the pastoral life of a colonial teacher . . . until an otherwise unremarkable shift nearly thirty years into the ship’s journey rapidly turns into his worst nightmare.