A Science-Fiction novel by Sasha Fox

In a far-away corner of the universe, in a modest cluster of stars, an invasive species has gained a foothold.  From a tenuous colony of a few hundred, it has mutated and grown wild, overtaking whole systems and spreading to new ones at an exponential rate, colonizing extraplanetary bodies and even forming them where none existed before.

The children of man.

They have grown in Man’s image, fueled by the same drives, desires and motivations that first drove him to explore the stars…and still plagued by the vices that exiled him there forever.

The first book of the saga, Theta is a character-driven story of love and loss on this starswept stage. It follows a cast of characters on a wild adventure—Jale Bercammon, chief steward of a star-liner, must learn to live and grow again to protect her new family in a high-stakes Master’s game; Theta, broken and seemingly cast away, must find a new destiny…before his time runs out.

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