I had a hippopotamus but nothing upon earth
Is constant in its happines or lasting in its mirth
No joy that life can give me can be strong enough to smother
My sorrow for that might-have-been-a-hippopota-mother

–-I Had A Hippopotamus (Patric Barrington)

After the tempest

Whew! Where to begin?

Things have been quite hectic for all of 2016. I started the year in Denver, finishing up training on my new airplane:
… the lovely Embraer E175. Then I was assigned to Chicago for six months, and the commute back and forth rarely ever left me in any place I could call home.

I began to refer to myself as “Professionally homeless,” in fact.

As of July 1st, however, I once again live in San Jose, California. I miss Alaska terribly, but I will survive. More importantly, I have time and space once more to write. Oh, I did plug away relentlessly at various projects, of course; progress over time has been, err… notable, if nothing else… but while I’ve accomplished a great many things this past year and change, one of the greatest drives I have is to finish the sequel to Theta, and to that I shall bend my efforts these coming months.

The last few days have found me catching up on the publishing side, working on some of the miscellaneous things that I needed to take care of. Did a bit of work on my “Landing page” for Theta. (Criticism appreciated)
… and I’ve spent some time wrangling all the metadata in various places… data housekeeping, more or less.. but now I’m mostly done with that, and ready to dive back in and finish this one up. Then comes editing, typesetting, interior and cover design… it seems to go on forever. But I’m looking forward to hitting that phase.

Always forward.


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