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Sasha Fox is an airline pilot… and a writer, too! Currently up to mischief somewhere in the United States, she’s most likely to be encountered flying somewhere over 27,000’…or curled up with a warm cup of coffee and a laptop, writing away the hours.


Mr. Kitty’s candle burned out on April 18th, a minute past midnight, as he lay in our arms. We knew it was coming, but our hearts are no less broken. He was our best friend for more than a quarter of our lives. He was unique. Soulful. Intelligent. Polite. Sweet. He had none of the […]

Florida: Day zero.

At twenty-two hundred I leave metro Atlanta in my rented pickup, chasing a blood red crescent moon towards my battered homeland. I stop in Columbus, Georgia, at a waffle house, for what I assume might be the last hot meal for a while. The waitress is friendly, curious about my pilot uniform. Sheepishly I explain […]

State of the fox redux

The late fall leading into winter is one of my favorite times of the year. It’s dark, it’s cool, it’s crisp and sometimes snowy or moist, and there’s a feeling of excitement in the air.


Mister Callais had begun his shift 262,973 hours ago, plus some odd minutes and seconds that he whimsically didn’t bother to count.  Hour 262,973.4 found him strolling along the outer deck, as he often did, tail swinging behind him in relaxed counterpoise to his balanced gait. As he passed the twentieth station, bulkhead 24B, he […]

State of the Fox

The tidal forces of time and opportunity are fickle masters, capable of creating opportunity from nothing, and rendering nothing from great possibility. Ten years ago this week, I was with the love of my life in the mountains surrounding the Russian River. We were together, and all the world was ours. 3,648 days ago. 3,607 […]

Will you be…?

“Will you be around next month?” “Will you be at a convention in December?” “Do you have any plans the first week of January?” I get these questions a lot, and the answer, to all of them, is always “I have no idea.” It’s not simply being non-committal—I actually have no way to answer. The […]


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After the tempest

Whew! Where to begin? Things have been quite hectic for all of 2016. I started the year in Denver, finishing up training on my new airplane: … the lovely Embraer E175. Then I was assigned to Chicago for six months, and the commute back and forth rarely ever left me in any place I could […]