In search of home . . . 

Home. It’s an ephemeral concept to Geren. Home is a career, home is a relationship, home is friendship . . . but home may be neither seen nor touched. As a chemical engineer working in a great factory-city on the planet Fonaci, far from the planet he grew up on, he must carry ‘home’ along with him wherever he goes.

With a stable job, a stable life, a relationship of two years, and a bright career ahead, he’s satisfied with how things seem to be going. Yes, beyond the factory walls lies ruin and anguish, but he’s safe within, and has no reason to venture into the city. He has acquaintances, he has love, and he’s building his savings.

But all is far from well. Blinded by the present and living in the past, it’s far too easy to miss the future coming at you like an asteroid.

It’s easy to forget just how fragile life can be . . . 

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