Monthly Archives: March 2014

Well, here I am.

I am in Juneau, and I have no trips back planned at this point. I have furniture on order and en-route, with which I can complete my room’s setup. I’ve been nosing around my new job and hanging out a bit with my awesome new boss, and I’ve had the chance to ride around to […]

Moving day!

It’s moving day! I feel like Mrs. Brisby… I have all my stuff packed—I hope—and ready to load into the truck. I’m going to depart after the evening rush, or perhaps take a nap and depart around midnight. Alaska Marine Highway System ferry “Matanuska”, here I come. ^.^ In other news, “Theta” is now available […]


My friends, I’m currently up to my neck in last-minute loose ends and paperwork as I prepare my ship of self for a northwesterly voyage to the northlands of southeast Alaska; though my sailing date is Tuesday or Wednesday, my plans are fluid and I am, as yet, still taking on cargo. And yet tonight, […]