A new day, a new Fox

Welcome, friend, to my little corner of time and space. Here I may discuss many topics, from writing to flying, from coffee to philosophy and the various artifices of self… I intend to keep this part journal and part commentary…but mostly it will serve as a report on the progress of my writings and my musings on the nature of fiction writing.

Speaking of progress, I’m pleased to announce that Theta is now available on the Barnes & Noble Nook platform!

I also will be releasing it on iTunes for Apple devices in the near future.

In the process of formatting Theta for the Nook, I discovered a few tricks of the trade that allowed me to make significant aesthetic improvements to the Kindle version. If you already own a copy of the Kindle book, there is no need to repurchase—the update should be a free download. If not, the Kindle version can be found here.

One last little tidbit—I owe a few sketches to an artist who is working on some incredible cover/PR art for Theta. I won’t give away the details, but I can promise that you’ll love the finished product. I’m planning a second edition of the paperback with the new cover, and a hard-bound version will be released around the same time. I also expect to use some of the art for promotional material as I begin to start softly advertising the series in preparation for the release of the second book.

That’s all for now, I suppose!


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