Stand before the gates and watch metropolis
Empires come and go, we live forever
And eternity is in your hidden eyes
Take my broken wings, teach me to fly again
I stand alone, we stand alone
I stand alone, we stand alone

–Covenant - We Stand Alone


The snow is falling just above my head these days, but melting before it reaches me. There’s a storm forecast to blow in over the next day or so, and that should make things interesting

Well, with the summer having wound down and fall draining away, I finally have time to breathe, and move into a smaller, cheaper place, and to take care of some of my little business functions that I’ve neglected for far too long.

And, thankfully, to write.

The sequel to Theta (Working title: Ephemeris) is coming along well, though it’s taken some twists and turns that surprised even me.  My original estimate has been Spring 2015 for a release, and I’m still hoping to hit that mark, but I think Summer 2015 might be a more realistic forecast.

Now, however, I’m starting to settle into the process of gathering reviews of Theta and doing a bit of advertising and marketing in advance of the release.  In that vein, I created a ‘landing page’ for advertising:

My landing page for Theta

… and a banner ad to lead people there:


I’d love to hear your opinions.



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  • Your writing seems interesting. But as a non-furry, I think the artwork associated with your story was a mistake. I am instantly repelled by the yawning, purple-haired creature. Had I just read the text preview, I probably would have been more intrigued.

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