2159.04.28 // 22:30:17
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I want to write something, but I’m not too sure what to say.

Phase one is underway. I have confirmation that my bombs went.

[ redacted ] was swept into the river. He’s dead.

[ redacted ] was most of the way there. He tried to hang himself in the guard’s house because he thought I was dead.

We barely got there in time.

His throat is swollen and bruised, and his front teeth are broken. His ribs are cracked… he’s really beat up. But he’s in surprisingly good spirits.

But we all may be dead soon. I hope this is worth it.

I had to tell Mav and Zori that we were using them. She is a bit upset, but Zori is more neutral.

Mav has always needed to be the strong one.

She really is the strong one, though. I hope she forgives me.

We met up with the other company and split transits into the TRZ.

There were hunter drones after us until mid-morning, but they’ve stopped coming.

We found an inert one and took its weapon system.

[ redacted ] said the mercenaries took out the government network, and that killed the drones.

We still have a big watch out anyway.

I’m shocked we made it this far.

Guess I had more to say than I thought.

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