2159.04.27 // 06:00:40
[User: foxy]
[Transcription entry]

[ redacted ]. I wish I knew how to thank you, [ redacted ].

She found him!

She almost went in and took him back, but it was too dangerous.

I know I come off cool in person. I just can’t break through my mask.

But I love my friends so much. I almost cried.

She tracked down an associate of his from the factory and made him talk. I didn’t ask how.

I don’t care how. They tracked [ redacted ] to the quarters of a guard named Lapis.

We scouted it last night. He’s there.

The guard was one of the ones who beat [ redacted ] to death. I studied him for hours.

I saw how he treated my yotie. I wanted to go in right then and rip his throat out.

But I can’t. I can’t risk provoking a response right now.

My friends couldn’t understand, and I almost told them everything.

I’ll tell them tomorrow. I can’t risk opsec for anything.

Today we rescue my yotie though.

Sorry this is a bit scattered.

Back to planning…

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