2159.03.24 // 05:15:11
[User: foxy]
[Transcription entry]

I let one go.

Actually, that’s not right. He wasn’t really a target. I met him at Spencer’s on the last night, before they shut it down. That was a few days ago.

He said he was from the factory, but he got fired and didn’t have anywhere to go. I don’t know why, but I really like him. I took him to my special place, and we slept together by the fire.

I had to have him checked out by [ redacted ] to make sure he wasn’t bad.

I didn’t think he’d come back, but he did.

He nearly died to find me. [ redacted ] saved him, so I owe her again now.

[ redacted ]

Now he’s asleep in my bed.

But he’s alive.

He’s not like the others at all.

He says he loves me (!?). That should make me not trust him, but it doesn’t.

Nobody’s ever said that to me before. I can’t help it. I believe him. He makes me feel strange, but good.

And very, very aroused.

Nothing good can come of this…

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